Chapter 8. Conclusion

Red Hat solutions involving the OpenShift Container Platform are created to deliver a production-ready foundation that simplifies the deployment process, shares the latest best practices, and provides a stable highly available environment on which to run production applications.

This reference architecture covered the following topics:

  • A completely provisioned infrastructure in OpenStack using both manual and Heat orchestration.
  • Native integration with OpenStack services like Heat, Neutron, Cinder and Ceilometer

    • Cinder storage for /var/lib/docker on each node
    • A role assigned to instances that allows OCP to mount Cinder volumes
  • Creation of applications
  • Validating the environment
  • Testing failover
  • Auto-scaling OpenShift nodes with Heat and Ceilometer

For any questions or concerns, please email and ensure to visit the Red Hat Reference Architecture page to find about all of our Red Hat solution offerings.