Appendix D. Contributors

We would like to thank the following individuals for their time and patience as we collaborated on this process. This document would not have been possible without their many contributions.


Rimma Iontel

Senior Architect

SME Telco/NFV & Review

Franck Baudin

Principal Product Manager

SME NFV, Technical Content Review

Vijay Chundry

Sr. Manager Software

SME OpenStack/NFV, Technical Content Review

Aaron Smith

Sr. Prinicipal Software Eng

SME Telco, NFV & HA, Design, Testing & Review

David Cain

Sr. Solutions Architect

SME OpenStack & Datacenter, Review

Joe Antkowiak

Sr. Solutions Architect OpenStack

SME OpenStack & Review

Julio Villarreal Pelgrino

Prinicpal Architect Cloud

SME Cloud, OpenStack & Review

John Fulton

Sr. Software Engineer

SME OpenStack, HCI & Review

Andrew Bays

Senior Software Engineer

SME HA, Deployment, Testing & Review

Abhishek Bandarupalle

Systems Engineering Intern - NFV

Testing & Documentation

Jess Schaefer

Graphic Designer


Emma Eble

Multimedia Designer