Configuring a Red Hat JBoss EAP 7 Cluster

Reference Architectures 2017

Calvin Zhu


This reference architecture provides offline CLI scripts to fully automate the configuration of two EAP 7 Clusters, each set up as a separate domain - one active and another passive - to eliminate any downtime due to maintenance and upgrades. Each cluster consists of three EAP instances running a modified version of the provided full-ha profile. Through in-memory data replication, each cluster makes the HTTP and EJB sessions available on all nodes. A second-level cache is set up for the JPA layer with the default option to invalidate cache entries as they are changed. The JMS messaging subsystem, based on ActiveMQ Artemis, is configured to use a shared file store, with one live and one backup messaging server configured on each EAP node for redundancy. An instance of the Red Hat JBoss Core Services Apache HTTP Server sits in front of the each cluster, balancing web load with sticky behavior, while also ensuring transparent failover in case a node becomes unavailable.