Building JBoss EAP 7 Microservices on OpenShift Container Platform

Reference Architectures 2017


This reference architecture builds on previous work on designing, developing and deploying microservices on JBoss EAP 7, and builds a microservice architecture environment on OpenShift Container Platform 3.4. The audience for this paper includes Java EE software architects and developers engaged in either Greenfield or Brownfield projects with the goal of creating a microservice architecture and/or using JBoss EAP 7 on OpenShift. While working knowledge of Java EE and JBoss EAP is a prerequisite, no OpenShift experience is assumed. The reader is walked through the installation of configuration of ocP 3.4 in a trial environment using the quick installation approach, while referred to official documentation and other resources for a supported production environment setup. The paper proceeds to describe, step by step, the process of building and deploying an application that runs on OCP 3.4, leveraging supported xPaaS and database images.