Comments and Feedback

In the spirit of open source, we invite anyone to provide feedback and comments on any reference architecture. Although we review our papers internally, sometimes issues or typographical errors are encountered. Feedback allows us to not only improve the quality of the papers we produce, but allows the reader to provide their thoughts on potential improvements and topic expansion to the papers. Feedback on the papers can be provided by emailing or creating a bug report at Please refer to the title of the reference architecture within the email or bug report.

Providing feedback using a bug report allows both the person reporting the bug and us to track the feedback.

When filing a bug report for a reference architecture, create the bug under the Red Hat Customer Portal product and select the Component labeled Reference Architectures. Within the Summary, enter the title of the reference architecture. Within the Description, provide a URL (if available) along with any feedback.

Red Hat Bugzilla Interface

The scripts described in this reference architecture and provided in the associated git hub repo are not supported by Red Hat. They merely provide a mechanism to build out your infrastructure.