4.5. Upgrading the remote Data Warehouse service and database

Run this procedure on the remote machine with the Data Warehouse service and database.

Notice that part of this procedure requires you to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 or later, or Red Hat Virtualization Host 4.4.


  • You are logged in to the Data Warehouse machine.
  • A storage device outside the RHV environment.


  1. Back up the Data Warehouse machine.


    Grafana is not supported on RHV 4.3, but on RHV 4.4, this command also includes the Grafana service and the Grafana database.

    # engine-backup --file=<backupfile>
  2. Copy the backup file to a storage device.
  3. Stop and disable the Data Warehouse service:

    # systemctl stop ovirt-engine-dwhd
    # systemctl disable ovirt-engine-dwhd
  4. Reinstall the Data Warehouse machine with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 or later, or Red Hat Virtualization Host 4.4.
  5. Prepare a PostgreSQL database. For information, see Preparing a Remote PostgreSQL Database in Installing Red Hat Virtualization as a standalone Manager with remote databases.
  6. Enable the correct repositories on the server and install the Data Warehouse service. For detailed instructions, see Installing and Configuring Data Warehouse on a Separate Machine for Red Hat Virtualization 4.4. Complete the steps in that procedure up to and including the dnf install ovirt-engine-dwh-setup command. Then continue to the next step in this procedure.
  7. Copy the backup file from the storage device to the Data Warehouse machine.
  8. Restore the backup file:

    # engine-backup --mode=restore --file=backup.bck --provision-all-databases
  9. On the Data Warehouse machine, run the engine-setup command:

    # engine-setup
  10. On the Manager machine, restart the Manager to connect it to the Data Warehouse database:

    # systemctl restart ovirt-engine

Additional resources

You can now update the hosts.