5.6. Disabling global maintenance mode


  1. Log in to the Manager virtual machine and shut it down.
  2. Log in to one of the self-hosted engine nodes and disable global maintenance mode:

    # hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=none

    When you exit global maintenance mode, ovirt-ha-agent starts the Manager virtual machine, and then the Manager automatically starts. It can take up to ten minutes for the Manager to start.

  3. Confirm that the environment is running:

    # hosted-engine --vm-status

    The listed information includes Engine Status. The value for Engine status should be:

    {"health": "good", "vm": "up", "detail": "Up"}

    When the virtual machine is still booting and the Manager hasn’t started yet, the Engine status is:

    {"reason": "bad vm status", "health": "bad", "vm": "up", "detail": "Powering up"}

    If this happens, wait a few minutes and try again.

You can now update the self-hosted engine nodes, and then any standard hosts. The procedure is the same for both host types.