9.6. Graphics Devices

The SPICE or VNC graphics protocols can be used to connect to the emulated graphics devices.

You can select a Video Type in the Administration Portal:

  • QXL: Emulates a para-virtualized video card that works best with QXL guest drivers
  • VGA: Emulates a dummy VGA card with Bochs VESA extensions
  • BOCHS: Emulates a dummy VGA card without legacy emulation for guest machines that that run with UEFI. This is the default display video card emulator for UEFI servers.

For a virtual machine of type server that is set with UEFI and uses compatibility level 4.6 or above, BOCHS is the default value of Video Type.

In Red Hat Virtualization 4.4.5, you must do the following to enable this feature:

  1. Run the following command:

     engine-config --set EnableBochsDisplay=true --cver=<version>

    where <version> is the compatibility version.

  2. Restart the engine.
  3. Set Video Type to BOCHS manually.