The Red Hat Virtualization Manager includes a data warehouse that collects monitoring data about hosts, virtual machines, and storage. Data Warehouse, which includes a database and a service, must be installed and configured along with the Manager setup, either on the same machine or on a separate server.

The Red Hat Virtualization installation creates two databases:

  • The Manager database (engine) is the primary data store used by the Red Hat Virtualization Manager. Information about the virtualization environment like its state, configuration, and performance are stored in this database.
  • The Data Warehouse database (ovirt_engine_history) contains configuration information and statistical data which is collated over time from the Manager database. The configuration data in the Manager database is examined every minute, and changes are replicated to the Data Warehouse database. Tracking the changes to the database provides information on the objects in the database. This enables you to analyze and enhance the performance of your Red Hat Virtualization environment and resolve difficulties.

To calculate an estimate of the space and resources the ovirt_engine_history database will use, use the RHV Manager History Database Size Calculator tool. The estimate is based on the number of entities and the length of time you have chosen to retain the history records.