H.4. Virtualization Host Groups

A number of system user groups are created on the virtualization host when the vdsm and qemu-kvm-rhev packages are installed. Each system user group has a default group identifier (GID). The system user groups created are:

  • The kvm group (GID 36). Group members include:
  • The qemu user.
  • The sanlock user.
  • The qemu group (GID 107). Group members include:
  • The vdsm user.
  • The sanlock user.
  • The ovirt-vmconsole group (GID 498). Group members include:
  • The ovirt-vmconsole user.

The user identifiers (UIDs) and group identifiers (GIDs) allocated may vary between systems. The vdsm user is fixed to a UID of 36 and the kvm group is fixed to a GID of 36.

If UID 36 or GID 36 is already used by another account on the system a conflict will arise during installation of the vdsm and qemu-kvm-rhev packages.