24.5. Setting debug-level logging for Red Hat Virtualization services

You can set the logs of the following Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) services to debug-level by modifying the sysconfig file of each service.

Table 24.5. RHV services and sysconfig file paths

ServiceFile path









This modification affects logging done by the Python wrapper, not the main service process.

Setting logging to debug-level is useful for debugging issues related to start up - for example, if the main process fails to start due to a missing or incorrect Java runtime or library.


  • Verify that the sysconfig file you want to modify exists. If necessary, create it.


  1. Add the following to the sysconfig file of the service:

  2. Restart the service:

    # systemctl restart <service>

The sysconfig log file of the service is now set to debug-level.

Logging caused by this setting goes to the system log, so the logs it generates can be found in /var/log/messages, not in the service-specific log file, or by using the journalctl command.