4. IPv6 Networking Support

Red Hat Virtualization supports static IPv6 networking in most contexts.


Red Hat Virtualization requires IPv6 to remain enabled on the computer or virtual machine where you are running the Manager (also called "the Manager machine"). Do not disable IPv6 on the Manager machine, even if your systems do not use it.

Limitations for IPv6

  • Only static IPv6 addressing is supported. Dynamic IPv6 addressing with DHCP or Stateless Address Autoconfiguration are not supported.
  • Dual-stack addressing, IPv4 and IPv6, is not supported.
  • OVN networking can be used with only IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Switching clusters from IPv4 to IPv6 is not supported.
  • Only a single gateway per host can be set for IPv6.
  • If both networks share a single gateway (are on the same subnet), you can move the default route role from the management network (ovirtmgmt) to another logical network. The host and Manager should have the same IPv6 gateway. If the host and Manager are not on the same subnet, the Manager might lose connectivity with the host because the IPv6 gateway was removed.
  • Using a glusterfs storage domain with an IPv6-addressed gluster server is not supported.