3.3. Setting up errata viewing with Red Hat Satellite

In the Administration Portal, you can configure Red Hat Virtualization to view errata from Red Hat Satellite in the Red Hat Virtualization Manager. After you associate your hosts, virtual machines, and the Manager with a Red Hat Satellite provider, you can receive updates about available errata and their importance, and decide when to apply them. For more information about Red Hat Satellite see the Red Hat Satellite Documentation.

Red Hat Virtualization 4.4 supports viewing errata with Red Hat Satellite 6.6.


  • The Satellite server must be added as an external provider.
  • The Manager, hosts, and virtual machines must all be registered in the Satellite server by their respective FQDNs. This ensures that external content host IDs do not need to be maintained in Red Hat Virtualization.
  • The Satellite account that manages the Manager, hosts and virtual machines must have Administrator permissions and a default organization set.

The Katello agent is deprecated and will be removed in a future Satellite version. Migrate your processes to use the remote execution feature to update clients remotely.

Configuring Red Hat Virtualization errata

To associate the Manager, host, and virtual machine with a Red Hat Satellite provider, complete the following tasks:

Viewing Red Hat Virtualization Manager errata

  1. Click AdministrationErrata.
  2. Select the Security, Bugs, or Enhancements check boxes to view only those errata types.

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