5.3. Upgrading to Red Hat Virtualization Manager 4.3 with ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade


  1. Log in to the Manager machine and install the ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade tool:

    # yum install ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade
  2. Run the following command to upgrade the Manager, while creating a backup of the current version:

    # ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade --backup --backup-dir=/backup

    Red Hat recommends using the --backup and --backup-dir options to create a backup of the current Manager. If a backup directory is not specified, the backup is saved in /tmp.

    The --backup option is a wrapper for the engine-backup tool and is equivalent to running the following command:

    # engine-backup --scope=all --mode=backup --file=file_name --log=log_file_name

    To restore your backup, run engine-backup in restore mode:

    # engine-backup --mode=restore

    See Backing Up and Restoring the Red Hat Virtualization Manager in the Administration Guide for details.

    Alternatively, to upgrade without creating a backup, run the following command:

    # ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade
  3. If there are errors, check the log: /var/log/ovirt-engine/ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade.log.

You can now update the hosts.