Chapter 1. Red Hat Virtualization Upgrade Overview

This guide explains how to upgrade your current environment to Red Hat Virtualization 4.3.

Three upgrade paths are documented here:

  • Local database: Both the Data Warehouse database and the Manager database are installed on the Manager.
  • Remote database: Either the Data Warehouse database or the Manager database, or both, are on a separate machine.
  • Self-hosted engine: The Manager is a self-hosted engine.

Plan any necessary downtime in advance. After you update the clusters' compatibility versions during the upgrade, a new hardware configuration is automatically applied to each virtual machine once it reboots. You must reboot any running or suspended VMs as soon as possible to apply the configuration changes.

Select the appropriate instructions for your environment from the following table. If your Manager and host versions differ (if you have previously upgraded the Manager but not the hosts), follow the instructions that match the Manager’s version.

For interactive upgrade instructions, you can also use the RHV Upgrade Helper available at This application asks you to provide information about your upgrade path and your current environment, and presents the relevant steps for upgrade as well as steps to prevent known issues specific to your upgrade scenario.