Chapter 2. ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade Explained

You can upgrade the Manager to the latest version with the ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade tool. ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade detects the current version of the Manager and checks for available upgrades. If an upgrade is available, the tool upgrades the Manager to the next major version, and continues to upgrade the Manager until the latest version is installed.

During the upgrade process, the tool might pause and prompt you to manually complete some upgrade tasks, such as upgrading hosts or the cluster compatibility version. You can leave ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade paused while you complete these tasks.

ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade supports the following upgrade paths:

  • Upgrading a standalone Manager with local databases
  • Upgrading a self-hosted engine environment using local databases

ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade upgrades the Manager. You need to manually upgrade the hosts, and compatibility versions of clusters and data centers, and you need to reboot any running virtual machines. See Section A.4, “Updating All Hosts in a Cluster” to upgrade the hosts.


ovirt-fast-forward-upgrade does not support Red Hat Virtualization environments deployed and managed with Satellite.