4.8. Red Hat Virtualization 4.3 Batch Update 7 (ovirt-4.3.10)

4.8.1. Bug Fix

These bugs were fixed in this release of Red Hat Virtualization:


Previously, the landing page for the RHV Manager did not support scrolling. As a result, with specific resolutions or zoom ratios, some areas of the landing page were not visible, including the link to the Administration Portal. The current release fixes this issue by enabling users to scroll the landing page and access any of the links on it.


Previously, a new DB was introduced as part of the cinderlib (managed block storage) support, but did not include a backup and restore option. The current release fixes this issue by providing a backup and restore option.


Previously, using the Administration Portal to import a storage domain omitted custom mount options for NFS storage servers. The current release fixes this issue by including the custom mount options.


Previously,creating a live snapshot with memory while LiveSnapshotPerformFreezeInEngine was set to True, resulted in a virtual machine file system that is frozen when previewing or committing the snapshot with memory restore. In this release, LiveSnapshotPerformFreezeInEngine is set to False by default, making the virtual machine run successfully after creating a preview snapshot from a memory snapshot.

4.8.2. Enhancements

This release of Red Hat Virtualization features the following enhancements:


The current release adds support for installing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP) version 4.4 on Red Hat Virtualization (RHV). The installer that deploys RHOCP on RHV automates the process using “installer-provisioned infrastructure.” This installer is available for Linux and macOS only. The resulting RHOCP cluster runs the master and worker nodes on virtual machines in RHV.


Red Hat Virtualization now supports native 4K block size on Red Hat Gluster Storage and local storage.

4.8.3. Known Issues

These known issues exist in Red Hat Virtualization at this time:


When using the REST API to restore a virtual machine snapshot, the request returns before the snapshot commit has finished. Workaround: Confirm that the commit operation has completed before attempting to restart the virtual machine.