4.7. Red Hat Virtualization 4.3 Batch Update 6 (ovirt-4.3.9)

4.7.1. Bug Fix

These bugs were fixed in this release of Red Hat Virtualization:


Previously, when upgrading RHV version 4.2 to 4.3 using Satellite, the upgrade failed with a UnicodeEncodeError. The current release fixes this issue.


Partial cleanups are not supported. Previously, when the user ran engine-cleanup, it asked whether to remove everything. If the user replied 'No' and selected specific components to remove, the result was a broken system. The current release fixes this issue by eliminating the question. When you run engine-cleanup, the only option is to remove everything.


Before this update, when migrating a virtual machine, information about the running guest agent wasn’t always passed to the destination host, resulting in an after_migration life cycle event not being sent to the virtual machine on the destination host. This update fixes the issue, and the after_migration notification should work as expected.


The Red Hat Virtualization Host could not be deployed successfully on systems with an AMD Epyc CPU. In this release, Red Hat Virtualization Host deployment is successful.


In RHV 4.1, the default console of the self-hosted engine virtual machine is set to VGA. Previously, after upgrading from RHV version 4.1 to 4.3, these graphical console settings were locked and trying to change them produced an error message. The current release fixes this issue by setting the default display to VNC during the upgrade to 4.3. This fix enables you to change the graphical console setting for the hosted engine virtual machine.

4.7.2. Enhancements

This release of Red Hat Virtualization features the following enhancements:


A new Red Hat knowledge base article is available at: https://access.redhat.com/articles/4921101


The current release adds support for Red Hat CoreOS (RHCOS), a single-purpose container operating system. This support enables you to create virtual machines that run RHCOS. These virtual machines are also backward compatible with RHV 4.3 clusters.


Starting with this release, it is now possible to install Metrics Store on a disconnected system using Satellite.


The current version of OVN, ovn2.11-2.11.1-33, runs as a dedicated user. The current release of RHV includes this version of OVN and adjusts the secret key file permissions to accommodate the dedicated user. These secret keys are required for encrypted OVN communication.

4.7.3. Known Issues

These known issues exist in Red Hat Virtualization at this time:


The Red Hat Virtualization engine-setup asks for the location of the Data Warehouse database after the Data Warehouse was migrated to a standalone server. Workaround: Manually set two of the Data Warehouse setup parameters in the configuration file to False.