Chapter 4. Verifying the Metrics Store installation

Verify the Metrics Store installation using the Kibana console. You can view the collected logs and create data visualizations.


  1. Log in to the Kibana console using the URL ( that you recorded in Section 2.3, “Deploying Metrics Store services on Red Hat OpenShift”. Use the default admin user, and the password you defined during the metrics store installation.

    Optionally, you can access the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform portal at (using the same admin user credentials).

  2. Select the Discover tab, and check that you can view the project.ovirt-logs-ovirt_env_name-uuid index.

    See the Discover section in the Kibana User Guide for information about working with logs.

  3. Select the Visualize tab, where you can create data visualizations for the project.ovirt-metrics-ovirt_env_name-uuid and the project.ovirt-logs-ovirt_env_name-uuid indexes.

    The Metrics Store User Guide describes the available parameters. See the Visualize section of the Kibana User Guide for information about visualizing logs and metrics.