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Appendix A. Updates between Minor Releases

To update from your current version of 4.2 to the latest version of 4.2, update the Manager and then update the hosts.

A.1. Analyzing the Environment

Red Hat recommends running the Log Collection Analysis tool prior to performing updates and for troubleshooting. The tool analyses your environment and displays any known issues that may prevent you from performing an update and suggests how to resolve the issue.

The tool gathers detailed information about your system and presents it as an HTML file.


The Log Collection Analysis tool is available from Red Hat Virtualization 4.2.5.


  1. Install the Log Collection Analysis tool on the Manager:

    # yum install rhv-log-collector-analyzer
  2. Run the tool:

    # rhv-log-collector-analyzer --live

    A detailed report is displayed.

    By default, the report is saved to a file called analyzer_report.html.

    To save the file to a specific location, use the --html flag and specify the location:

    # rhv-log-collector-analyzer --live --html=/directory/filename.html