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6.3. Installing Cockpit on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts

You can install a Cockpit user interface for monitoring the host’s resources and performing administrative tasks.

Installing Cockpit on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts

  1. By default, when adding a host to the Red Hat Virtualization Manager, the Manager configures the required firewall ports. See ] for details. However, if you disable Automatically configure host firewall when adding the host, manually configure the firewall according to xref:host-firewall-requirements_RHV_install[.
  2. Install the dashboard packages:

    # yum install cockpit-ovirt-dashboard
  3. Enable and start the cockpit.socket service:

    # systemctl enable cockpit.socket
    # systemctl start cockpit.socket
  4. You can log in to the Cockpit user interface at https://HostFQDNorIP:9090.