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Chapter 6. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts

6.1. Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux host is based on a standard basic installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a physical server, with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and Red Hat Virtualization subscriptions attached. For detailed installation instructions, see Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Installation Guide.

The host must meet the minimum Section 1.2, “Host Requirements”.

See Appendix G, Configuring a Host for PCI Passthrough for more information on how to enable the host hardware and software for device passthrough.


Virtualization must be enabled in your host’s BIOS settings. For information on changing your host’s BIOS settings, refer to your host’s hardware documentation.


Third-party watchdogs should not be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts, as they can interfere with the watchdog daemon provided by VDSM.