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19.4. Host Log Files

Log FileDescription


The log file used by libvirt. Use journalctl to view the log. You must be a member of the adm, systemd-journal, or wheel groups to view the log.


Log file detailing the host’s ability to obtain a lease on the Storage Pool Manager role. The log details when the host has acquired, released, renewed, or failed to renew the lease.


Log file for VDSM, the Manager’s agent on the host(s).


A host deployment log that is copied to the Manager as /var/log/ovirt-engine/host-deploy/ovirt-Date-Host-Correlation_ID.log after the host has been successfully deployed.


Log file detailing virtual machine imports from a KVM host, a VMWare provider, or a RHEL 5 Xen host, including import failure information. UUID is the UUID of the virtual machine that was imported and Date is the date and time that the import began.


Logs VDSM tasks that were executed with superuser permissions.


VDSM uses this log file during host upgrades to log configuration changes.


Logs the activities of the VDSM’s memory overcommitment manager.