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7.5. Exporting Templates

7.5.1. Migrating Templates to the Export Domain


The export storage domain is deprecated. Storage data domains can be unattached from a data center and imported to another data center in the same environment, or in a different environment. Virtual machines, floating virtual disks, and templates can then be uploaded from the imported storage domain to the attached data center. See the Importing Existing Storage Domains section in the Red Hat Virtualization Administration Guide for information on importing storage domains.
Export templates into the export domain to move them to another data domain, either in the same Red Hat Virtualization environment, or another one. This procedure requires access to the Administration Portal.

Procedure 7.5. Exporting Individual Templates to the Export Domain

  1. Click the Templates tab and select a template.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Select the Force Override check box to replace any earlier version of the template on the export domain.
  4. Click OK to begin exporting the template; this may take up to an hour, depending on the virtual disk size and your storage hardware.
Repeat these steps until the export domain contains all the templates to migrate before you start the import process.
Click the Storage tab, select the export domain, and click the Template Import tab in the details pane to view all exported templates in the export domain.

7.5.2. Copying a Template's Virtual Hard Disk

If you are moving a virtual machine that was created from a template with the thin provisioning storage allocation option selected, the template's disks must be copied to the same storage domain as that of the virtual disk. This procedure requires access to the Administration Portal.

Procedure 7.6. Copying a Virtual Hard Disk

  1. Click the Disks tab and select the template disk(s) to copy.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. Select the Target data domain from the drop-down list(s).
  4. Click OK.
A copy of the template's virtual hard disk has been created, either on the same, or a different, storage domain. If you were copying a template disk in preparation for moving a virtual hard disk, you can now move the virtual hard disk.