2.4. Recovering from Failed NIST-800 Upgrade

Red Hat Virtualization Host (RHVH) supports NIST 800-53 partitioning by default, for greater security. The NIST 800-53 partition structure places each of the following directories in its own partition: /, /tmp, /home, /var, and /var/log/audit.
If you attempt to move from a NIST 800-compatible version to a non-NIST-800 version because of an upgrade failure or to resolve an issue, future upgrades will fail because the logical volumes created by the NIST-800 partitioning cannot be removed automatically without loss of data. The relevant logs must be backed up and the logical volumes must be removed manually.

Procedure 2.4. Removing NIST-800 Partitions

  1. Back up the logs located in /var/log and /var/log/audit.
  2. Remove the following logical volumes manually:
    • /tmp
    • /home
    • /var
    • /var/log/audit. The lvm lvs command may show this logical volume as rhvh_var_log_audit .
    See Removing Logical Volumes in the Logical Volume Manager Administration for details.