3.5. Red Hat Virtualization Batch Update 4 (ovirt-4.1.5)

3.5.1. Enhancements

This release of Red Hat Virtualization features the following enhancements:
This release adds libgfapi support to the Manager and VDSM. libgfapi provides virtual machines with faster access to their images, stored on a Gluster volume, compared to a fuse interface. With the 'LibgfApi' data center feature enabled, or 'lubgfapi_supported' cluster-level feature enabled, virtual machines will access their images, stored on Gluster volumes, directly via libgfapi.
With this update, oVirt Host related packages are now also available for ppc64le architecture.
VDSM now supports TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2, enabling all clients to leverage these new encryption protocols, depending on their capabilities.
This release adds the list of required collectd and fluentd packages to the metrics script, and installs them if missing. Previously, there were cases where the packages were available in the repository and required for the metrics setup script, but were not installed, causing the configuration to fail. Now, the missing packages are installed.
Previously, Red Hat Virtualization supported TLS version 1.0. From this release, all  components can use TLS version 1.2 for encrypted communication, providing that it is used by all components.
You can now change more self-hosted engine configuration in the hosted-engine.conf file.
For example, to set the value: 
hosted-engine --set-shared-config gateway

To get the value: 
hosted-engine --get-shared-config gateway

The commands can be used with the additional parameter "type", if there is concern for duplicate keys in different files: 
hosted-engine --set-shared-config gateway --type=he_conf
hosted-engine --get-shared-config gateway --type=he_conf
This release adds checks to the ovirt_env_name, to make sure it is a valid OpenShift namespace identifier. If it is not, the metrics script will now fail. The name must be valid in order for the records to be kept by the Elasticsearch running in OpenShift.

3.5.2. Release Notes

This section outlines important details about the release, including recommended practices and notable changes to Red Hat Virtualization. You must take this information into account to ensure the best possible outcomes for your deployment.
The batik package is no longer required by the Red Hat Virtualization Manager. Red Hat recommends removing it after upgrading to Red Hat Virtualization 4.1.
The fop package is no longer required by the Red Hat Virtualization Manager. Red Hat recommends removing it after upgrading to Red Hat Virtualization 4.1.

3.5.3. Known Issues

These known issues exist in Red Hat Virtualization at this time:
When removing a Gluster host after moving it to maintenance mode, the host is not removed from the peer list of other hosts. To work around this issue, do not stop the Gluster services while moving the host to maintenance mode if the host is going to be removed from cluster.

3.5.4. Deprecated Functionality

The items in this section are either no longer supported or will no longer be supported in a future release
The ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-dockerc package is now deprecated, and will be removed in version 4.2.