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2.4. Application Settings for the Data Warehouse service in ovirt-engine-dwhd.conf

The following is a list of options for configuring application settings for the Data Warehouse service. These options are available in the /usr/share/ovirt-engine-dwh/services/ovirt-engine-dwhd/ovirt-engine-dwhd.conf file. Configure any changes to the default values in an override file under /etc/ovirt-engine-dwh/ovirt-engine-dwhd.conf.d/. Restart the Data Warehouse service after saving the changes.

Table 2.1. ovirt-engine-dwhd.conf application settings variables

Variable name Default Value Remarks
DWH_DELETE_JOB_HOUR 3 The time at which a deletion job is run. Specify a value between 0 and 23, where 0 is midnight.
DWH_SAMPLING 60 The interval, in seconds, at which data is collected into statistical tables.
DWH_TABLES_KEEP_SAMPLES 24 The number of hours that data from DWH_SAMPLING is stored. Data more than two hours old is aggregated into hourly data.
DWH_TABLES_KEEP_HOURLY 1440 The number of hours that hourly data is stored. The default is 60 days. Hourly data more than two days old is aggregated into daily data.
DWH_TABLES_KEEP_DAILY 43800 The number of hours that daily data is stored. The default is five years.
DWH_ERROR_EVENT_INTERVAL 300000 The minimum interval, in milliseconds, at which errors are pushed to the Manager's audit.log.