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B.4. How to Set Up Red Hat Virtualization Manager to Use a Non-Management Network

You can configure each host in a Data Center to use a non-management network as the default network, instead of the default management network (ovirtmgmt). The default_route property is defined for host network interface cards from the Administration Portal. The default_route key is not available by default and needs to be added to the Manager using the engine configuration tool. You can check whether default_route has already been enabled by running the following command:
# engine-config -g UserDefinedNetworkCustomProperties

Procedure B.3. Adding the default_route Key to the Manager

  1. On the Manager, run the following command to add the key:
    # engine-config -s # engine-config -s UserDefinedNetworkCustomProperties='default_route=^(true|false)$'
    # engine-config -g UserDefinedNetworkCustomProperties
  2. Restart the ovirt-engine service:
    # systemctl restart ovirt-engine
The default_route key is now available in the Administration Portal. See Section 6.5.2, “Editing Host Network Interfaces and Assigning Logical Networks to Hosts” to define a non-management network.