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Chapter 16. Floating Disks

16.1. Floating Disk Elements

The disks collection provides information about all disks in a Red Hat Virtualization environment. A user attaches and detaches disks from any virtual machine and floats them between virtual machines. An API user accesses this information through the rel="disks" link obtained from the entry point URI.
The following table shows specific elements contained in a disks resource representation.

Table 16.1. Elements for floating disks

Element Type Description Properties
link rel="statistics" relationship A link to the statistics sub-collection for a virtual machine's disk statistics.
image_id GUID A reference to the virtual machine image stored on the defined storage domain.
storage_domains Complex The storage domains associated with this disk. Each storage_domain element contains an id attribute with the associated storage domain's GUID. Update this element with POST to perform live migration of a disk from one data storage domain to another.
size integer Size of the disk in bytes.
provisioned_size integer The provisioned size of the disk in bytes.
actual_size integer Actual size of the disk in bytes.
status One of illegal, invalid, locked or ok The status of the disk device. These states are listed in disk_states under capabilities.
interface enumerated The type of interface driver used to connect to the disk device. A list of enumerated values is available in capabilities.  
format enumerated The underlying storage format. A list of enumerated values is available in capabilities. Copy On Write (COW) allows snapshots, with a small performance overhead. Raw does not allow snapshots, but offers improved performance.
sparse Boolean: true or false true if the physical storage for the disk should not be preallocated.
bootable Boolean: true or false true if this disk is to be marked as bootable.  
shareable Boolean: true or false true to share the disk with multiple virtual machines.  
wipe_after_delete Boolean: true or false true if the underlying physical storage for the disk should be zeroed when the disk is deleted. This increases security but is a more intensive operation and may prolong delete times.  
propagate_errors Boolean: true or false true if disk errors should not cause virtual machine to be paused and, instead, disk errors should be propagated to the guest OS.  
quota id= GUID Sets a quota for the disk.  
lunStorage complex A reference to a direct LUN mapping for storage usage. Requires a storage element that contains iSCSI or FCP device details.
active Boolean Defines if the disk is connected to the virtual machine.


Search queries for disks based upon name require the alias search parameter instead of name.