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3.3. Migrating the ISO Domain

This procedure shows you how to migrate the ISO domain from RHEV-M 3.6 to 4.0, using the iso_domain.tar.gz backup file that you created in Section 3.2, “Upgrading to Red Hat Virtualization Manager 4.0”.


The ISO domain should not be in the Manager virtual machine.
  1. Create an export directory and set its permissions:
    # mkdir -p /var/lib/exports/iso
    # chown -R 36:36 /var/lib/exports/
  2. Extract the ISO domain backup to this directory:
    # cd /var/lib/exports/iso
    # tar zxf iso_domain.tar.gz
  3. Set the SELinux context for the files in the export directory:
    # chcon -R system_u:object_r:public_content_rw_t:s0 /var/lib/exports/iso/
  4. Create /etc/exports.d/ovirt-engine-iso-domain.exports with the following line:
    /var/lib/exports/iso  *(rw)
  5. Edit the following lines in /etc/sysconfig/nfs:
    RPCMOUNTDOPTS="-p 892"
    STATDARGS="-p 662 -o 2020"
    RPCRQUOTAOPTS="-p 875"
  6. Enable the nfs service:
    # systemctl enable nfs
    # systemctl start nfs
  7. Allow services and ports with firewalld:
    # firewall-cmd --add-service={nfs,rpc-bind}
    # firewall-cmd --add-service={nfs,rpc-bind} --permanent
    # firewall-cmd --add-port={32769/udp,32803/tcp,662/tcp,662/udp,875/tcp,875/udp,892/tcp,892/udp}
    # firewall-cmd --add-port={32769/udp,32803/tcp,662/tcp,662/udp,875/tcp,875/udp,892/tcp,892/udp} --permanent