Chapter 2. Reworked architecture

2.1. Shared storage support

Red Hat Update Infrastructure 3.0 offers support for a shared storage volume for quicker availability of content to the clients. Red Hat Update Appliance and the CDSs are able to leverage the same storage location, which reduces synchronization times between the Red Hat Update Appliance and the CDSs.

2.2. NFS

With the option to use NFS, you can leverage your existing storage infrastructure to provide the storage for content.

2.3. Red Hat Gluster Storage

Red Hat Gluster Storage (formerly Red Hat Storage Server) provides redundant, scalable storage that can be installed on the same nodes (CDSs) running RHUI. This minimizes the number of nodes required for the deployment and ensures that there is no single point of failure in the deployment.

Red Hat Gluster Storage is an open, software-defined file storage that scales out as much as you need, and you can deploy the same storage on premises or in a public or hybrid cloud. Red Hat Gluster Storage provides new opportunities to unify data storage and infrastructure, increase performance, and improve availability and manageability to meet a broader set of an organization’s storage challenges and needs.

2.4. New installation process

Puppet drives the installation to configure all nodes in a single step. Certificates can be created by the installer. There is an HAProxy option to be able to load balance content requests for RPMs, OSTree content, and containers.

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