Chapter 5. Understanding activation keys

Activation keys in Red Hat Subscription Management assist you with registering and attaching subscriptions associated with your account. Organization administrators can use keys to preconfigure subscriptions before they are registered. Once an organization key is created, users can register systems and have all of their required subscriptions attached to their system at once.

5.1. Locating your organization IDs

The organization ID is a Candlepin-specific identifier and is separate from your Red Hat and Oracle account numbers. They are necessary for using activation keys.


  1. Open a Terminal window.
  2. Enter the command:

    #  subscription-manager orgs
  3. Enter your Customer Portal credentials.
  4. Once the login is successful, subscription-manager displays the organizations and their keys:

    # Name: NAME
    # Key: KEY

This page is only available to organization administrators.

5.2. Activating a subscription

When you purchase a subscription, you receive a 16-digit subscription number. You then enter that number in the Customer Portal to redeem the subscription.


  1. From the Overview page, click Activate your subscription.
  2. Enter the 16-digit subscription number.
  3. Continue through the activation wizard.