3.3. Portal: Resolving Over-Utilizing Subscriptions

Red Hat does not restrict how you attach subscriptions — which means that you run the risk of attaching more subscriptions than you actually have purchased.


Attaching more subscriptions than you have is the same as running systems without subscriptions.
Along with potentially violating your service contract, this situation can also run afoul of regulations and industry standards — including Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, and SAS-70 — that require appropriate licenses for all software in an IT infrastructure.
If you have over-used subscriptions, then the Utilization area in the Overview page shows a bright yellow warning. The Utilization page then shows the subscription counts per type, with a bright yellow bar and a negative number indicating how many subscriptions are over-used for any given type.
Overutilizing Subscriptions

Figure 36. Overutilizing Subscriptions

There is no automatic remediation and Red Hat does not make assumptions or rules about what systems or subscriptions should be changed. That is entirely at the discretion of the administrator. Clicking the Total value opens up a list of registered systems or units. Administrators can then edit system entries and attach and remove subscriptions manually.
Reviewing Systems

Figure 37. Reviewing Systems

Clicking the name of any system opens up its details page, so that you can change the subscriptions for it.


You must have org admin permissions to be able to see the Review Registrations page. Even then, you will only be able to view systems to which you have access — not necessarily every system within the account.