Subscription Asset Manager Release Notes

Red Hat Subscription Management 1

release information, installation prerequisites, and known issues for the 1.4 release

John Ha

Red Hat, Inc. Engineering Content Services


These release notes contain important information about new features, known issues, and other technical notes available at the time that Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager 1.4 was released.
Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager is an on-premise subscription application which maintains a master list of subscriptions for an organization, an inventory of registered systems, and information about installed products, assigned (attached) subscriptions for each individual system. Subscription Asset Manager allows local maintenance, structures, and rules to be applied when managing subscriptions for systems.
These release notes contain any feature information, known issues, and structural changes for Subscription Asset Manager 1.4. This updated version of Subscription Asset Manager consists of enhancements and bug fixes. It is recommended that all Subscription Asset Manager users upgrade to Subscription Asset Manager 1.4.

1. New Features

This release of Subscription Asset Manager contains the following new or improved features that affect overall Subscription Asset Manager performance and provide more versatile options for configuring and managing infrastructures through Subscription Asset Manager.

1.1. New: flatten_orgs option

A new flatten_orgs option has been added to the /etc/splice/checkin.conf configuration file. When set to True, all configured organizations managed by Subscription Asset Manager are combined or flattened into one single organization, which allows administrators to view subscriptions across all organizations in Subscription Asset Manager. This new option removes the need to manually attach all organizations to a single one; however, flatten_orgs does not allow administrators to view subscriptions by organizations once flattened.

1.2. Enhancement: Enhanced Reporting for multiple Satellite Instances

Subscription Asset Manager 1.4 has extended the enhanced reporting tool with the ability to collect and report information on multiple Satellite 5.6 instances. The enhanced reporting tool previously supported reporting for only one Satellite instance.