7.5. Changing the Autoattaching Check Frequency

Subscription Manager can monitor all of the active subscriptions for a system. Along with passively warning that a subscription is close to expiration (Section 5.2, “Managing Subscription Expiration and Notifications”), Subscription Manager can be configured to re-attach the subscriptions, automatically and actively, as one nears its expiry. This is system autoattach.
System autoattach prevents a system from having products without an attached subscription as long as any valid subscription is available for it.
System autoattach is configured as part of the Subscription Manager daemon, rhsmcertd. This daemon checks the certificate validity dates daily. If a subscription is within 24 hours of expiring, then Subscription Manager will check for any available compatible subscriptions and automatically re-attaches subscriptions to the system, much like autoattaching during registration.


Autoattaching cannot be disabled by changing the time interval. Setting the autoattachFrequency parameter to zero means that Subscription Manager simply uses the default time setting.
The rhsmcertd daemon can reset the autoattach frequency using the -i|--auto-attach-interval command-line argument. The --now option runs the certificate and autoattach checks immediately, rather than waiting for the next scheduled run.
[root@server ~]# rhsmcertd --auto-attach-interval=1440 --now