3.8. Restoring a Registration

There are times when the local registration and subscription information could be lost or corrupted. There could be a hardware failure or system crash. Or other IT considerations may require that a system be moved to a different machine. Whatever the reason, the local subscription configuration is lost.
A system can be registered against an existing system entry in the Red Hat subscription service, which essentially restores or reregisters that system. The reregister operation uses the original system ID with the registration request, so that all of the previous subscriptions associated with the system entry are restored along with the registration.
Reregistering a system uses the register command. This command passes the original UUID for a system to issue a request to the subscription service to receive a new certificate using the same UUID. This essentially renews its previous registration.

Example 4. Registering a System with an Existing Identity Certificate

The register command uses the original ID to identify itself to the subscription service and restore its previous subscriptions.
[root@server1 ~]# subscription-manager register --username admin-example --password secret --consumerid=7d133d55-876f-4f47-83eb-0ee931cb0a97

Table 3. register Options to Reregister the System

Options Description
--consumerid Gives the system UUID used by an existing system. The system's entry must exist in the Red Hat subscription service for the reregister operation to succeed.
--username=name Gives the content server user account name.
--password=password Gives the password for the user account.