Chapter 3. Registration, attaching, and removing subscriptions in the Subscription Manager command line

Before you can receive support for a Red Hat product, the system needs to be registered and attached to the subscription. User systems can be registered to Red Hat Subscription Management during the first boot of the machine, as well as after the machine has been configured. You can also unregister the system if it no longer needs to be managed using that product.

3.1. Registering and attaching a system using the command line

To register a user system, use the register command using your Red Hat Customer Portal credentials. When the system is successfully authenticated, it registers the newly-assigned system inventory ID and the user account name which registered it.
Use the register command:
[root@server1 ~]# subscription-manager register --username admin-example --password secret

      The system has been registered with id: 7d133d55-876f-4f47-83eb-0ee931cb0a97


When auto-attaching a system, the subscription service looks at whether the system is physical or virtual, as well as how many sockets the system has:
  • A physical system usually consumes two entitlements, whereas a virtual system consumes one.
  • One entitlement is consumed per two sockets on a system.
To register a system with auto-attach enabled, use the register command:
      [root@server1 ~]# subscription-manager register --username admin-example --password secret --auto-attach