Chapter 1.  Getting started with Red Hat Subscription Manager

With Red Hat products, you can manage your subscriptions with different applications depending on your organization’s needs. Red Hat Subscription Manager is an on-premise application that sends information back to the Red Hat Customer Portal about your subscription usage.
Red Hat Subscription Management Options

Figure 1.1. Red Hat Subscription Management Options

After Subscription Manager is installed on a local system, it can track product installation, attached subscriptions, and subscriptions that are still available to be consumed. It also tracks subscription expirations and automatically attaches new subscriptions based on the system hardware and the product being attached. Most systems require simple registration. The default configuration registers the system with the main account to the Customer Portal.
Red Hat Subscription and Registration Process

Figure 1.2. Red Hat Subscription and Registration Process

A properly registered and attached product is eligible for support and errata updates. To be properly registered, the system needs to both be attached to your account and then attached to a subscription. Attaching your system to a subscription consumes one or more entitlements from a valid subscription depending on the type of system that it is.
This guide covers how to understand and edit the configuration of Red Hat Subscription Manager. It is intended for more advanced administrators. For regular system registration, see the Quick Registration for Red Hat Enterprise Linux guide in the subscription management documentation set.
If you have not purchased a subscription for your organization, you can find all available products at the Red Hat Store.