4.7.3. Resolving error “Certificate verify failed error while registering the system with RHSM”

Before you begin, verify the necessary settings are correct:
  • The firewall rules for iptables or firewall:
    RHEL5 and RHEL6 # service iptables stop
    RHEL7: # systemctl stop firewalld
  • TCP traffic over port 443 for:
    • Registration: http://subscription.rhsm.redhat.com
    • yum updates: http://cdn.redhat.com
  • You are using the correct date and time for your system. SSL requires these values be accurate.
  • Your local network has the routes and SSL proxy rules it needs to connect.
  • That firewall/proxy administrators to see if any HTTPS inspection is being performed.
If all of the settings are accurate, you may need to reinstall the root certificate:
  1. Download python-rhsm from the Customer Portal.
  2. Copy the RPM package file to the RHEL server.
  3. Install the package using rpm.