Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2.1-1July 6, 2020Anni Bond
Change in Subscription Manager RHEL 7.9 and 8.3 for force refresh
Revision 2.1-0Janary 30, 2019Anni Bond
BZ#1646771 - Improvement for providing information For “Using and Configuring Red Hat Subscription Manager”
Revision 2.0-1May 17, 2018Anni Bond
Added diagram to first chapter
Revision 2.0-0April 4, 2018Anni Bond
BZ#1535071 - [CSAT] subscription problem1547202 - [CSAT] Redhat subscription components
BZ#1547202 - [CSAT] Redhat subscription components
BZ#1409456 - The Customer Portal hasn't looked or behaved like those screenshots for at least one revision
BZ#1547032 - Update Edit Using and Configuring Subscription Manager to remove references to RHN
Revision 1.4-18June 5, 2017Andrew Dahms
BZ#1431524 - Updated a description of the --all option when checking available entitlements.
Revision 1.4-17July 9, 2015Ella Deon Ballard
Updating reference to CIDR list.
Revision 1.4-16March 5, 2015Jo Somers
Removing reference to Xen with virt-who.
Revision 1.3-14April 13, 2014Ella Deon Ballard
Updating instance-based and virtual setup sections.
Revision 1.3-12September 18, 2013Deon Ballard
New content and reorganization for the SAM 1.3 release.