Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. Audience

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) who want to understand the requirements and obligations of certifying non-containerized software for use on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.

1.2. Software certification process overview

The software certification process includes three primary steps- 1) Certification on-boarding, 2) Certification testing, and 3) Publishing a Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog certified listing.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software Certification Workflow Guide must be followed as it covers the step by step process of the following high level procedure summary.

High level procedure summary

  1. Certification on-boarding

    1. Partner joins the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partner Program.
    2. Partner accesses the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Zone.
    3. Partner adds a product to be certified.
    4. Partner joins joint support program.
  2. Certification testing

    1. Partner creates a certification project.
    2. Partner completes the certification checklist and the application profile.

      1. Partner confirms the membership in
      2. Partner provides evidence that the product is a commercially supported General Available (GA) release.
    3. Partner downloads the certification test suite.
    4. Partner executes the certification test suite.
    5. Partner submits the certification test suite results.
    6. Red Hat reviews, rules and provides feedback on the test suite results.
  3. Publishing a Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog certified listing

    1. Red Hat will authorize the listing once the certification is completed.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification does not conduct any explicit testing of the Partner’s product, in how it functions or performs outside of its impact on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platform on which it was installed and executed.

Any and all aspects of the certification candidate product’s quality assurance remains the Partner’s sole responsibility.