3.9. Software Collection Log File Support

By default, programs packaged in a Software Collection create log files in the /opt/provider/%{scl}/root/var/log/ directory.
To make log files more accessible and easier to manage, you are advised to use the nfsmountable macro that redefines the _localstatedir macro. This results in log files being created underneath the /var/opt/provider/%{scl}/log/ directory, outside of the /opt/provider/%{scl} file system hierarchy.
For example, a service mydaemon normally stores its log file in /var/log/mydaemon/mydaemond.log in the base system installation. When mydaemon is packaged as a software_collection Software Collection and the nfsmountable macro is defined, the path to the log file in software_collection is as follows:
For more information on using the nfsmountable macro, see Section 3.1, “Using Software Collections over NFS”.