Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2.3-13Tue Dec 18 2018Lenka Špačková
Fixed syntax of a command in the PostgreSQL migration chapter.
Revision 2.3-12Tue Apr 04 2017Lenka Špačková
Fixed a container image name.
Revision 2.3-11Thu Mar 30 2017Lenka Špačková
Removed outdated information from Ruby on Rails specifics.
Revision 2.3-10Tue Nov 15 2016Lenka Špačková
Release of Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 Release Notes.
Revision 2.3-7Tue Nov 01 2016Lenka Špačková
Minor improvements.
Revision 2.3-5Thu Oct 26 2016Lenka Špačková
Added a link to an updated Thermostat User Guide for Red Hat Software Collections 2.3.
Revision 2.3-4Fri Oct 21 2016Lenka Špačková
Added a known issue related to the rh-ruby23 Software Collection.
Revision 2.3-2Thu Oct 20 2016Lenka Špačková
Release of Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 Beta Release Notes.