2.6. Software Collection Scriptlets

The Software Collection scriptlets are simple shell scripts that change the current system environment so that the group of packages in the Software Collection is preferred over the corresponding group of conventional packages installed on the system.
To utilize the Software Collection scriptlets, use the scl tool that is part of the scl-utils package. For more information on scl, refer to Section 1.6, “Enabling a Software Collection”.
A single Software Collection can include multiple Software Collection scriptlets. These scriptlets are located in the /opt/provider/software_collection/ directory in your Software Collection package. If you only need to distribute a single scriptlet in your Software Collection, it is highly recommended that you use enable as the name for that scriptlet. When the user runs a command in the Software Collection environment by executing scl enable software_collection command, the /opt/provider/software_collection/enable scriptlet is then used to update search paths, and so on.
Note that Software Collection scriptlets can only set the system environment in a subshell that is created by running the scl enable command. The subshell is only active for the time the command is being performed.