3.13. Software Collection Lock File Support

If you store your Software Collection's lock files within the /opt/provider/software_collection/ file system hierarchy, you can avoid any possible conflicts with the system versions of the applications or services that can be on the system.
If you want to prevent Software Collection's applications or services from running while the system version of the respective application or service is running, make sure that your applications or services, which require a lock, write the lock to the system directory /var/lock/ instead of the Software Collection's directory /opt/provider/software_collection/var/lock/. In this way, your applications or services' lock file will not be overwritten. The lock file will not be renamed and the name stays the same as the system version.
If you want your Software Collection's version of the application or service to run concurrently with the system version (when the Software Collection version's resources will not conflict with the system version's resources), ensure that the applications or services write the lock to the Software Collection's directory /opt/provider/software_collection/var/lock/.