1.3. Enabling Support for Software Collections

To enable support for Software Collections on your system so that you can enable and build Software Collections, you need to have installed the packages scl-utils and scl-utils-build.
If the packages scl-utils and scl-utils-build are not already installed on your system, you can install them by typing the following at a shell prompt as root:
# yum install scl-utils scl-utils-build
The scl-utils package provides the scl tool that lets you enable Software Collections on your system. For more information on enabling Software Collections, see Section 1.6, “Enabling a Software Collection”.
The scl-utils-build package provides macros that are essential for building Software Collections. For more information on building Software Collections, see Section 2.12, “Building a Software Collection”.


Depending on the subscriptions available to your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, you may need to enable the Optional channel to install the scl-utils-build package.