2.7.2. Creating a Metapackage

When creating a new metapackage:

  • You are advised to add Requires: scl-utils-build to the build subpackage.
  • Add any macros you need to use to the macros.%{scl}-config file in the build subpackage.
  • You are not required to use conditionals for Software Collection-specific macros in the metapackage.
  • Consider specifying all packages in your Software Collection that are essential for the Software Collection run time as dependencies of the metapackage. That way you can ensure that the packages are installed with the Software Collection metapackage.
  • Include any path redefinition that the packages in your Software Collection may require in the enable scriptlet.
    For example, to run Software Collection binary files, add PATH=%{_bindir}\${PATH:+:\${PATH}} to the enable scriptlet.
  • Always make sure that the metapackage contains the %setup macro in the %prep section, otherwise building the Software Collection will fail. If you do not need to use a particular option with the %setup macro, add the %setup -c -T command to the %prep section.
    This is because the %setup macro defines and creates the %buildsubdir directory, which is normally used for storing temporary files at build time. If you do not define %setup in your Software Collection packages, files in the %buildsubdir directory will be overwritten, causing the build to fail.

Example of the Metapackage

To get an idea of what a typical metapackage for a Software Collection named ruby193 looks like, see the following example:
%global scl_name_base ruby
%global scl_name_version 193

%global scl %{scl_name_base}%{scl_name_version}
%scl_package %scl
%global _scl_prefix /opt/myorganization

Summary: Package that installs %scl
Name: %scl_name
Version: 1
Release: 1%{?dist}
License: GPLv2+
Requires: %{scl_prefix}less
BuildRequires: scl-utils-build

This is the main package for %scl Software Collection.

%package runtime
Summary: Package that handles %scl Software Collection.
Requires: scl-utils

%description runtime
Package shipping essential scripts to work with %scl Software Collection.

%package build
Summary: Package shipping basic build configuration
Requires: scl-utils-build

%description build
Package shipping essential configuration macros to build %scl Software Collection.

# This is only needed when you want to provide an optional scldevel subpackage
%package scldevel
Summary: Package shipping development files for %scl

%description scldevel
Package shipping development files, especially useful for development of
packages depending on %scl Software Collection.

%setup -c -T


cat >> %{buildroot}%{_scl_scripts}/enable << EOF
export PATH=%{_bindir}\${PATH:+:\${PATH}}
export MANPATH=%{_mandir}:\$MANPATH
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=%{_libdir}/pkgconfig\${PKG_CONFIG_PATH:+:\${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}}

# This is only needed when you want to provide an optional scldevel subpackage
cat >> %{buildroot}%{_root_sysconfdir}/rpm/macros.%{scl_name_base}-scldevel << EOF
%%scl_%{scl_name_base} %{scl}
%%scl_prefix_%{scl_name_base} %{scl_prefix}

# Install the generated man page
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man7/
install -p -m 644 %{scl_name}.7 %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man7/


%files runtime

%files build

%files scldevel

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