Chapter 9. manila test

Based on the solutions provided by Partners, Red Hat will define a test plan in RH-cert web UI along with the test(s) that Partners needs to perform. The manila test executes the selected file share-component feature test(s) and checks the plugin/driver functionality as chosen by the user during test run time. Manila testing must include the tests defined in the test plan which will include the mandatory base tests and any implemented additional features, one test run per supported filesystem backend and DHSS true or false mode supported as listed below:

9.1. manila_shares (base)

The manila_shares test will check the base file operations with either the NFS or CIFS protocols. This test also covers the base operations with and without the “driver handles share servers” (DHSS) feature enabled. It may be necessary to repeat this test in multiple subsequent runs in cases where the plug-in supports multiple protocols and DHSS being enabled and disabled.

In manila.conf file if DHSS=true, the networking plugin should either be NeutronNetworkPlugin or NeutronBindNetworkPlugin.

Success criteria

  • If Manila is using NeutronNetworkPlugin and the tempest has multitenancy enabled the dhss test status will be PASS
  • If Manila uses a standalone network dhss test status will be FAIL

Manila_shares has features like availability zones, consistency groups, extensions, limits, metadata, micro, versions, quotas, rules, security services, share networks, share actions, and share instances.

The plugin/driver functionalities that are tested as part of Manila_shares test are:

  • create
  • delete
  • list
  • snapshot
  • modify

    If the vendor plugin implements manila_shares along with its feature they are also expected to perform the following subtest for manila_shares:

9.2. manila_share_managed

This test checks the driver ability to keep a share in managed/unmanaged state.

9.3. manila_share_shrink

This test checks the drivers’ capability to shrink the manila shares.

9.4. manila_share_extend

This test checks the drivers’ capability to extend the manila shares.

9.5. manila_snapshot

A snapshot allows Customers to restore the data from a specific time they want to. A new share can be created only for the data that has its snapshot. The plugin/driver functionalities that are tested as part of manila_snapshot test are:

  • reset snapshots
  • force delete snapshot
  • share snapshot instance
  • deleting shares with existing snapshot
  • create share with smaller size snapshot
  • create share from snapshot with different share network
  • delete snapshot with wrong id
  • create snapshot with wrong id
  • create access rule to snapshot
  • list shares by snapshot id
  • listing and renaming snapshots
  • share snapshot instances
  • snapshot rules

9.6. manila_snapshot_managed

This test checks drivers’ capability to keep a snapshot and replicate share snapshot in managed or unmanaged state.

9.7. manila_snapshot_share_from_snapshot

This test creates share snapshot from snapshot when the share network is not provided.

9.8. manila_snapshot_revert_to_snapshot

This test checks the drivers’ capability to revert the share to snapshot.

9.9. manila_snapshot_mountable

This test checks the drivers’ capability to create mountable snapshots rather than creating a whole share from the snapshot and then deleting the share.

Success criteria

Following are the individual Success Criteria for the Manila test and subtests:

  • Manila test must be using NeutronNetworkPlugin and tempest must have multitenancy enabled
  • manila_share_managed driver is available to manage manila share state
  • manila_share_shrink driver carry out shrink operation of manila shares
  • manila_share_extend is functional
  • manila_snapshot is working with all its features
  • All manila_snapshot subfeature tests are performed successfully

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