Chapter 2. Red Hat OpenStack Platform certification targets

You are expected to implement the following targets achieve a certification:

2.1. Products implementing OpenStack APIs

This category includes products that deliver an OpenStack service/functionality such as launching server instances, adding new routers, creating images, creating storage containers and objects, creating user profiles, etc. by implementing an API and/or an API Extension for Networking, Block Storage, or File Share services.

For products implementing OpenStack APIs, you need to successfully complete the relevant certification tests for the API group in addition to the OpenStack Director test (openstack/director) and OpenStack Supportability tests (openstack/supportable).

To ensure that the underlying platform is supported by Red Hat, run the OpenStack Director, Supportability, and sosreport tests on multiple overcloud nodes. The test results should be from a controller, and a compute or storage nodes implementing/consuming Openstack APIs that the vendor plugin controls.


It is your responsibility to ensure these tests are run on the correct nodes. Additional runs may be requested to fulfill these requirements.

In this case, the certification process verifies that the service delivers the API according to the platform specification and that the underlying OpenStack environment is configured correctly.

2.2. Products consuming OpenStack APIs

This category covers all products/applications that rely on OpenStack services (like Networking, Block Storage, File Share etc.) to operate.

Such products generally facilitate an OpenStack deployment or complement the Cloud Infrastructure with additional functionalities such as configuration, scaling, and management.


  • OpenStack management and orchestration applications like Network Functions Virtualization Management and Orchestration (NFV MANO)
  • OpenStack monitoring applications
  • Other OpenStack-enabled applications such as virtual network functions (VNFs)

For such applications, you need to successfully complete the OpenStack Director test (openstack/director) and OpenStack Supportability tests (openstack/supportable).

2.3. Support for certified OpenStack component

Support for certified Openstack components such as plugins/drivers and customer assistance is derived from the vendor that is shipping the component.

  • If Red Hat certifies and ships a third-party component as part of RHOSP and there is a question or issue with that component, the customers will contact Red Hat for assistance.
  • If a third-party ships a RHOSP—certified component and there is a question or issue with that component, the third party will be fully responsible for assisting the customer and providing support for that component.

However, Red Hat certified Partners and Red Hat, maintain active engineering relationships that either party can leverage to ensure quick progress is made on customer issues.

Additional Resources

  • For more information on supportability of RHOSP certified components, see article.