Chapter 11. OpenStack configuration test

Starting with Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 15, OpenStack Configuration test will be the new test available for Partners. This test is for the Manila and Neutron plugin certification test plan, and is planned only for controller node. The OpenStack Configuration test includes and supports Open Virtual Network subtest.

  • Open Virtual Network subtest

Open Virtual Network (OVN) is an Open vSwitch-based software-defined networking (SDN) solution that supplies network services to instances. OVN is expected to be configured and operational. This subtest validates the status of OVN.

Success criteria

The status of the test depends on the OVN as follows:

  • If OVN is ON, the test status is PASS.
  • If OVN is OFF, the test status is FAIL.
  • If OVN is unknown, the test status is REVIEW.

11.1. Additional resources

For more information about OVN, see OVN Architecture.